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Wonderful banquet 2013

Soar board members would like to thank everyone who participated or donated to our annual banquet. We put on a wonderful banquet for a free will offering. Everyone had a great time. I will be posting the results soon along with a year end statement. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I just want to let all our supporters know we are grateful for the support .I have not accessed this web site for over a year so I hope to get current and enter updates daily.


Sorry friends I sent this report accidentally,am still working on it and will send it by the end of this year. Sorry and be blessed James

On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 7:13 PM, James Yegon wrote:

> Hello Friends > How are you doing and your family. > We are doing fine and healthy. > I would like to let you know that this year has been of great blessing to > to the SOAR Kenya Academy and the surrounding communities at large with a > lot of progress taking place which includes; > > 1.Land and Fencing > At the beginning of this year,We were able to buy approximately 2 acre > piece of land,the land had one house that the owner gave us as a reward > after we purchased the land,The land had a lot of shrubs and it took us > time and energy clearing it and burning. > 2.Preschool > We started SOAR Kenya Academy this year with 125 kids,three teachers and > two subordinates and i being the Director,SOAR Kenya is providing the kids > with uniforms,food and many other expenses to keep it going.We had two > classroom and one with two sewing machines that is used to sew uniforms for > the kids and women to learn how to sew. > The school has two acres of land,stone and metal gate and a stone > latrine.The land is well fenced with chain link with trees planted at the > edge.We have received some donations from people through SOAR Kenya and for > now we have three lorries of stones for building permanent classes as we > are hoping to have a grade one and two next year. > 2.Water line. > SOAR Kenya has really helped my community by providing them with pipes > that were used to tapped water from the mail tank that is nine miles from > the community residences.The ladies used to travel far with their kids on > the back to the tank to fetch water. > 3.Orphans. > SOAR Kenya,has program that is helping the orphans kids by providing,milk > and cloths to the orphans and less fortunate families in my community. > 4.Widowed ladies > We we have been and we are still providing widowed ladies not only to my > community but also to other communities with chickens that helps them to > take care of their families. > 5.Green house. > Steve Werner and Pat from Rotary of Walworth are planning build for my > community a greenhouse through an organization call the HEART.Yesterday > they came to survey the field,They have too been helping by providing > sanitary towels and pads for the 300 school girls for 8 school in and out > side my community. > 6.Relief. food > It was not something possible;e to do this,but through our almighty God we > made it,It was something that was in my heart,TO HELP!!!! but after two > day Sandi Alejandro introduced this to me after the CNN revision brought it > live on how people coming from Somalia were suffering,Sandi asked me how > she can donate ,Then something came across my mind and i found the need of > helping the people who were suffering. > I would like to thank Mary,Don,Connie,Karen,Sandi and Phill’s cousin for > sacrificing their money and donated towards the program,We were able to > raise money for 31 bags of maize,We then partnered with the Kenya Red cross > and they were able to donate;water,flour,potatoes,cooking fats,mosquito > nets, > > > > 1.Grade one and computer rooms > May i take this special opportunity to thanks all of you who have been > contributing towards this great project that has really change the face of > your community,we are almost done with finishing this two classrooms that > will be a computer room while the other a grade one classroom.Thanks all of > you who contributed and may God bless you. > 2.Donation > I too would like to let you know that we received a donation of $2500 > from Rotary club of Wanaukee through Linda and Yashik who have been great > help us,The money shall be used to furnish the rooms with furniture for > both the kid,Teachers and the entire team of SOAR Kenya.Thanks Linda and > Yashik for your great help and we hope to continued working with you > forever. > 3.Borehole > This is the project that the school and the community is waiting > eagerly,Mr Jonker and his company Frankin Well World Foundation have been > working very closely with us to ensure the school and the community have > clean water,We are done with all the pare work and waiting for the final > approval from from our great friends from U.S.We too would like to thanks > Phill Klamm and Matt Harvey for creating great friend between us and Mr > Jonker which is now very strong. > 4.Land scarping > Mr Jeff who is currently in Kenya has been of great help to us with his > Project call Inua,they helped by donating flowers to the school and plated > them,the school and the surrounding now looks great.Jeff is helping > improve the living standard of many people here in Kenya a by proving them > with loan that does not collateral,This has really helped my community > greatly. > 5.Books > We would like to thanks Stacy for donating money for 50 text books for the > kids,This will help a lot by improving learning for both the teachers and > the kids at large.Thanks Stacy and be blessed for this great help. > 5.Christmas Party > As we are approaching Christmas time,Parents,teachers and kids can now > smile,Cannie Tipton and Karen sponsored a Christmas party that will be > taking place in 25th.This will be a great event for us as there will be > prayers and celebration for this great year that has been full of > blessing.Thanks Cannie and Karen for your great and continued support,Be > blessed. > >

Progress and SOAR Kenya banquet

Hello friends How are you doing? We are doing fine,The school is doing great too. I would like to let you know that our permanent classrooms for grade one which will kick off next year are coming up very well,I would like too to invite you to the SOAR Kenya coming banquet that will take place this coming Sunday,6th,the completion of this classrooms will depend on the success of banquet,We will to be able to have operating money for this year and next year.please take as many friends as possible with you.For those of you who will not make it plaese send your donation via; Soar-Kenya,Inc.

Attn:Mary Hoffman

6718 Hwy 19– Waunakee,Wi. 53597 and God will bless you.For any question,please be free to ask.Go to SOAR Kenya Academy group on Facebook for more information. Here are the pictures showing how the classrooms are coming up. Be blessed and hoping to hear from you soon. James


Hello Friends How are are you and your family at large? We are doing fine and busy with the projects. I would like to thank you all for you great help as we approach the end of this year and the banquet that SOAR Kenya will be having on 6th November this year. I too would like to let you know that we are going with constructing a permanent classroom for grade one,this all is through great donations you have been sending to us. I would like to thank Mr Ben who have been a great donor to SOAR Kenya,I would also like to thank ;Sandi,Connie,Karen,Steve,Pat,,Vickie,Mason JoAnne,Mary,Don,Aileen,Jonker,Marci,Judy,Celeste,Stacy,Brenton,Connor and all of your who have been great supporters to the projects. May God bless you all for your great help. Here are pictures showing construction going on,Completion of this classroom will depend on the banquet that will take place as i mentioned above,Please attend with your families,friends and your contribution will mean a lot in the lives of others. Be blessed and hoping to hear from you soon James


Hello Friends How are you doing? Sorry for not been able to send you updates for the past days,My internet Campany had some problem , praise God it is back. I would like to let you know that,the school is doing fine and we are done harvesting our corns and replaced the land with the cow peas,We are very much thankful to God for the 9 sacks of corns we got. We are too very much grateful for your donations that has changed lives of many.My main aim is to have a self sustaining projects in my community in future.Here are more pictures.Am very happy to have very hardworking ladies in my community,We do spend most of our times working in the farm.May God bless them and their families. Be blessed and thanks for your continued support. James

Soar-Kenya preschooler.

Donations can be made to Soar-Kenya,Inc.

Attn:Mary Hoffman

6718 Hwy 19– Waunakee,Wi. 53597

Current projects are :


Preschool,community gardens,student sponsorships for technical college,vocational sewing , chicken ,orphan sponsorships,school and orphanage in Homa Bay.Water tanks,water line to community,etc.Any questions please e-mail